True TRP


​We already have a mobile app. Can we integrate the widgets / APIs inside our existing app? How long will it take?

It takes 2-3 days of effort to include the widget in to an existing mobile app.  We need to work with the team that developed your app. We will provide all details and support. 

Can we integrate the widgets in to our existing website / mobile website?

Yes. It will take less than.a day. 

I / We don't have a mobile app. Want to have one. How long will it take?

Yes. We have a white label app, We can publish your dedicated app, customized with your own channel logo and description within 2 working days.

You say that there will be no display ads or video ads on the widgets. How then will we get the 80% revenue share?

Our unique cost-per-dialogue model (one per user per day) is 1000 times more revenue efficient than the intrusive and irritating advertisement models based on CPM (Cost per impression). 

Who owns the User Engagement data?

They are your FANs and hence you own your fans, their user profile and the engagement data about each one of them. We give you reports on user-wise, post-wise, participation details and engagement metrics (Deliveries, Reads, Likes, Shares, Comments, Poll Participation, Custom Button Clicks, Form Registrations, Payments made etc.)  Even after you discontinue using our platform, we can export and give you all the data.

Can I create sub-groups of FANs and post different messages and content to different sub groups.?

Yes you can. You can even push message or content to a specific user.

Do you get Mobile No and Email IDs of each user?

No we don't. But we automatically register each user with a unique ID, so that the user does not have to login every time they visit the widget time line. As an admin, you could also post registration forms on the same time line, to acquire more data from your FANs (if they are willing to share the same).

Can we post media content on the widget? What if I have already sold the rights to someone else?

You can post "Media Links" to content hosted elsewhere, in order to update your FANs about latest content without infringing on the copyright / distribution rights that you have given to others. 

What actions can users do on the widget?

Users can view your post, participate in a single question poll, participate in a cascading interactive campaign (with custom buttons), register and pay for an event, fill up a small form, all from the same messaging time-line. Using the share button, they can share your post to their friends and family, through any social media apps on their mobile.

Can I create and run multiple widgets?

Yes a single media / content partner can create and run multiple engagement channels. But you need to register a unique channel name for each Channel.

What is the On-boarding process / How do I Signup ?

Simple. Signup here. It is FREE.